The property is a bright and sunny 10 acre parcel, facing south to Navy Channel. Our pond is at the front of the property with a winter stream that runs down to Navy Channel. We have fenced most of the property perimeter, which includes the apple orchards and the garden areas in order to keep the deer out. Since the addition of our alpacas, cross fencing has been installed into their area. In 2004, we completed the construction of our 2500 SQ.FT. residence. Our home is of an old farmhouse look, which we felt suited the overall project plan nicely. In 2005, we began the development of our organic farm on Mayne Island. We started with the planting of two of our three apple orchards. Because these two orchards are on a south facing slope, we selected semi-dwarf varieties of trees for ease of picking the apples. The following year, we planted our third orchard. We presently have a total of over 300 apple trees in many varieties. That same year, we planted 200 currant bushes. We started our vegetable gardens in 2007, as well as the construction of a 1248 SQ.FT. workshop with a 624 SQ.FT. loft area above. The loft area has been developed to contain a small bathroom, a commercial kitchen and an artist studio. In 2009, we expanded the vegetable gardens with a 800 SQ.FT. greenhouse. Each year, we continue to add new products and change others in an effort to better develop our farm. We also continue our dedication to organic farming and good sustainable growing practices.